5 Reasons Why Sleep Training Is Important For Your Baby

Sleep is the foundation of our health and well-being. Babies are growing so rapidly and they need a lot of good quality sleep to grow well mentally, emotionally and physically. Baby sleep problems will cause overtiredness leading to feeding issues, irritability and fussiness.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should sleep train your child.

1. Get a happier and well rested child

Restorative sleep is so important to get our child waking up feeling happy and well rested. If you have a disrupted sleep, wouldn’t you be waking up tired, grumpy and just not your usual happy self? After a good night’s sleep and a good solid nap, your child will wake up smiling and ready to learn new skills!

Children who foster healthy sleep habits are optimally awake and alert to interact with their environment. These children are self assured, happy, less demanding and more sociable. They have longer attention spans and as a result become faster learners.


2. Good adequate sleep help boost development

Babies generally need 14-18 hours of sleep according to National Sleep Foundation. Growth hormones are released when your babies are sleeping and it will help with their brain and physical development.


3. Help your child improve their communication skills

For older children, if they are tired, they would prefer to grizzle and whine over speaking. If your child is well rested, then their speech and language skills will improve greatly.


4. Your own mental and physical well being will improve with better sleep.

Doctors agree that prolonged sleep deprivation is one of the main factors in triggering postnatal depression. A good night sleep will help you function and think better. 1 out of 3 moms who suffer from postnatal depression is due to sleep deprivation. That’s because they are beyond exhausted and they are just at their wits’ end not knowing why their babies just won’t sleep. As a sleep consultant, I can’t begin to tell you how many mommies have confided in me that they feel bad and guilty about being grumpy, impatient and snap easily at their children and their husband. Now I personally don’t think you are failing because I have been there myself being grumpy and cranky but sleep deprivation does make us have shorter fuse and we do blow up at the smallest things. Once you get the sleep sorted, the parenting life you want will become a reality. You will wake up happy and well rested and feel more confident being a mom.


5. Your marriage and family will grow stronger and perhaps bigger.

Sleep deprivation and stress can really test any marriages. So many couples I have met feel their marriages are better and stronger after having taught their baby to sleep well and actually being able to prioritise themselves as a couple in the evening again. And perhaps you might even think of having another baby once you got your baby to be a competent and independent sleeper.


Whatever the reasons may be for you to teach your child to sleep well, just know that sleep is a necessity and not a want, and it’s so important for our basic survival that you really owe it to your child to learn this important topic  about sleep so that you too can create a loving home, with well rested parents and a happy and well rested child.

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About the Author

Zoe Chu is the founder of SG Supernanny, a baby and adult sleep expert, author and speaker who has a mission to empower tired and sleep deprived families and also hardworking and stressed out professionals to get back their precious quality sleep. She has helped transformed the lives of thousands of families all around the world through her sleep program. Her work has been featured in newspaper, magazines, online news media in Singapore.

Zoe is also happily married and a mother of four including a set of twins. All four of her children have been sleeping through the night since they were 3 months old.  She believes beauty sleep is real and she wants to empower more women to tap into that fountain of youth through good quality sleep.