【Love Your Neighbor New Year’s Love】Blessing Bag

Hong Kong's economy is continuing downturn by effect from pandemic of COVID-19, and low-incomes families are in more stringent situation of living. “Love Your Neighbor” represents a belief that breaks through the barriers and cares for neighbors. It perseveres to carry forward the belief and put the spirit of mutual acceptance and tolerance into practice.

During this Chinese New Year, “Love Your Neighbor Fund” will send “New Year blessing bag” to deliver love and blessings to the vulnerable groups in the society. Are you willing to continue to support us?

For only $280, a low-income family will receive a New Year blessing bag with the following items:
Cleaning set, Chinese New Year’s food set, Chinese New Year’s fai chun (red banner) and red envelope set

Project Donation:
 Donate to【Love Your Neighbor New Year’s Love】Blessing Bag : $280 x _ total : $__
After payment, please send the payment receipt to WhatsApp with email to 852-5325 8882 for confirmation.